Majorette Honda CRZ Green

Majorette Honda CRZ Green - Glow in the dark

This green Majorette Honda CR-Z model green car Actually, no, I don't know Is it set up in the Series 4 Glow in the Dark? According to the information, the Honda CR-Z in this green colored car is not in the Series 4 Glow in the dark Limited Edition Series 4. But I see that the wheels are glowing wheels. Light and think it should be in the same set as the fluorescent kit.

Majorette Honda CRZ

Majorette Honda CRZ  White & Red - Glow in the dark

For information, Honda CR-Z with 4-cylinder engine, 1,497 cc, engine power 114 hp, top speed 200 km / h, acceleration 0-100 km / h in 9.9 sec. The car weight is 1,245 kg. This is the car's data. Honda CR-Z. Really, this time we look at the CR-Z Majorette diecast.

Majorette Honda CR-Z

Majorette Honda CR-Z Glow in the dark

Majorette's car model in the Limited Edition Series4 Glow in the dark set is a car that can glow in the dark. All of that will include this Honda CR-Z. The glowing model cars that I have about 8 cars. Let's see the details of this car better.

Majorette Honda Civic

Majorette Honda Civic Type R (Zamak) Limited Edition 2018

Honda Civic Type R (Zamak) Limited Edition 2018 is one of 10 Majorette models produced in 2018 with a special alloy called Zamak consisting of aluminum, magnesium, copper and zinc.

Majorette Hoda Civic Gold Edition 2020

The most wanted die cast car in Thailand at the moment!

Before March 2020, there was a rumor from Majorette, the children's favorite metal car model manufacturer. And adults all over Thailand That the gold Honda Civic Type R model will be available for sale in March. And there will be a special, approximately 2% of production only Until becoming a trend for steel car collectors fans to find rare.