Majorette Thai Taxi tow tone

2 color Thai taxi diecast cars

A small number of collectors of iron cars are starting to collect Toyota Corolla Altis models. Since there are many different kinds. The more there is, the more it will create happiness and fun for collectors. Dicast cars from Majorette will also have a Toyota Altis production in the form of a Thai taxi. Divided into 6 pure single-color taxis and 5 two-color taxis. Today, we can see the 5 two-color thai taxis.

Ford Fiesta WIX Filters

Rare! Ford Fiesta WIX Filters.

Rare Majorette diecast cars that is a must for metal collectors in the WRC series. Must have the Ford Fiesta WRC WIX Filters. Nowadays, it's not easy for us to find this car in the toy store or general mall. Its price is rising continuously. According to the needs of the collectors willing to pay it to gain possession.

Majorette Dream Cars Metallic Series 

Metallic Series   Dream Cars Metallic Series
Produced  2019
Scale 1:64
Made in Thailand

Müller Exclusive

Photo/REF: Model/Tampo Color  

 Window color/

Base color/Type



Wheel Type

Majorette Ford Mustang


 Ford Mustang GT

black stripes at hood and roof

satin silver 

 clear/black / plastic


Müller Exclusive

opening doors


Majorette Nissan GTR


 Nissan GT-R matt anthracite   

clear/black / plastic



Müller Exclusive

Facelift 2017 - opening doors


Majorette Mercedes AMG GT


 Mercedes AMG GT

detail front and back print

 satin blue  

clear/black / plastic


Müller Exclusive

opening doors


Majorette Volkswagen


Volkswagen Golf GTI 

black roof, front and back print

satin lemon   

clear/black / plastic


Müller Exclusive

opening trunk lid


Majorette Jagure FType


Jaguar F-Type 

detail front and back print

satin red 

clear/black / plastic



Müller Exclusiv 

opening doors