Top5 Majorette "WRC" 2018-19

Top 5 Majorette "WRC" 2018-2019

New collectors of new die cast cars happen every day. often questioning old page collectors "Which car model to keep?" Or "Which car model is rare and expensive? "Is that new collectors would like to collect rare cars, expensive, but not knowing that rare cars have money to buy But sometimes still can't find at all. This time I would like to introduce a collection of car models that should be kept very inexpensive, that is, these 5 WRC car models.

Majorette Vintage Deluxe

The End ! Vintage Deluxe Majorette

For the Majorette model, this is the Series Vintage Deluxe, which has 6 cars in total. Each car I can say is very beautiful to collect. We come to see that there are different types of cars.

Majorette Porsche 934

Majorette Porsche 934 Complete Set!

Believe that collectors of all model cars are trying hard to find their favorite cars to keep in the personal collection of each model in each model, for some model cars It is difficult to find all of them. Especially the older model And new production methods have been continuously released. Although we have the money to buy, but some vehicles are almost impossible to find.

Metal cars, models, Thai taxis that must be searched

For a steel car model Majorette brand from France. That has a long history with the production of model steel cars Currently, the major production bases are in Thailand. We then saw a beautiful model car. That exist in Thailand such as Thai taxis.

Majorette Ford Fiesta WIX

Majorette Ford Fiesta WRC WIX!

The collection of small die cast cars Is a hobby that creates happiness for people interested in small model cars. It is not uncommon for you to search. And collect these small die cast cars. Same as Groups that collect coins, collect stamps or even collect expensive amulets. Some people view it as a toy for children. But among collectors it is a small piece of art That gives happiness to those who have accumulated. Today, I will bring two models of the Majorette Ford Fiesta WRC WIX that I collected.

Majorette Thai Taxi

A collection of 6 Thai taxis that are extremely spicy.

For model steel car collectors looking for and collecting Thai taxis, I can say that it is not that difficult for some people. But for some collectors it can be difficult Since some areas may not be available for sale And I can say that some vehicles are very rare.

Majorette Ford Fiesta WRC

Ford Fiesta WRC, a Majorette car that shouldn't be missed!

Today, we come to see the WRC (World Rally Championship) steel car with the black Ford Fiesta WRC from the manufacturer of the Majorette model car in France. Is a car that has been reduced in the ratio of 1:58 times until the car is small, with a length of about 3 inches only. 2 steel cars that I will show you the following Looks superficial, it may be the same But there are small details that are hidden. Let's see.