Top 10 best-selling camping tent brands in America
Top 10 best-selling camping tent brands in America

Top 10 best-selling camping tent brands in USA in 2023.

Let's take a look at the popularity of camping tents in 2023 to see what brands of tents are liked and popular in the United States. As for the popularity of camping tent brands, they include price, quality, features, and brand reputation. Popular camping tent brands often offer a variety of tents to suit the needs of every type of traveler.

According to the NPD Group, the top 10 best-selling camping tent brands in America in 2023 are as follows:

  1. Coleman
  2. Eureka
  3. Kelty
  4. Marmot
  5. North Face
  6. Ozark Trail
  7. REI Co-op
  8. Big Agnes
  9. Mountain Hardwear
  10. Sierra Designs


The Coleman brand has been America's best-selling camping tent brand for many years. It is popular with products that have many models to choose from. Suitable for all types of use. Including having an affordable price. 
Coleman It has been America's most popular camping tent brand for many years. They offer a wide range of tents for every type of use. From large family tents to lightweight individual tents.

Brand Eureka! Known for their high-quality camping tents that come with cutting-edge technology such as dome tents, geodesic tents, and pop-up tents, Eureka is another popular brand. There are a variety of tents to choose from. Including automatic tents and self-pitch tents.

The Kelty brand is another popular camping tent brand that offers great value and good quality products. Kelty is known for its high quality tents that are suitable for harsh outdoor use. 


Marmot is another brand that is famous for its high quality tents.


The North Face brand is another camping tent brand that is popular for its products with beautiful and modern designs. Including technology that increases comfort in use, such as dome tents and tunnel tents, offering a variety of tents for hikers and climbers.

The REI Co-op brand is a brand of camping tents produced by REI, America's largest outdoor retailer. REI Co-op products are high quality and affordable. REI Co-op offers tents. A variety Including custom made tents.

The Big Agnes brand is known for its camping tents that offer comfort and space. As well as being lightweight and portable, Big Agnes is known for its lightweight tents that are ideal for hiking and camping.

The Mountain Hardwear brand offers high quality tents suitable for harsh outdoor use.

The Sierra Designs brand is known for its high-quality camping tents that feature cutting-edge technology, such as dome tents and geodesic tents.

Factors affecting the popularity of American camping tent brands include:

  • Price: Price is an important factor when choosing a camping tent. Inexpensive tent brands are often popular with new campers or those with limited budgets.
  • Types: There are many different types of camping tents to choose from, such as family tents. Backpacking tent camping tent It is important to choose the right tent for your type of use.
  • Quality: The quality of the tent is an important factor when purchasing a camping tent. Good quality tent brands tend to be popular with experienced campers who value safety.
  • Brands: Reputable camping tent brands are always popular with campers. Because it is believed that these brands have good quality products and are accepted by users.