3 days 2 nights, tent camping area, Khlong Nam Lai waterfall

Date 28-30 July 2023

After I visit Klong Lan Waterfall and stamp the seal of Klong Lan National Park. Already entered in the book Continue driving to "Khlong Nam Lai Waterfall" to go camping there for 2 nights

Driving slightly out of Khlong Lan National Park, there will be an intersection, turn left. There is a clear sign. "Khlong Nam Lai Waterfall" we drove this route. There is some work being done to adjust the road surface. But it's still easy to travel.

The distance is about 18-20 kilometers. The route is a rural road. through the community village before turning down the road Entering the park area, heading straight to Klong Nam Lai Waterfall. During this time, there was some driving up the hill, but it wasn't very steep. Ordinary cars and motorcycles can travel easily.

Drive into the parking lot on the right hand side. and went to ask for details with the officers at the inspector's fort which gives us good advice.

By allowing us to walk and explore the area first Where to set up a camping tent when it's right then drove inside to put the stuff down on the roadside first Then hurry to bring the car to park in the parking lot. because the road is one way by driving in and turning left Before turning right to park along the road, camping ground and drove out to the parking lot.

When everything is ready We set up a tent together. This is where it's important to come to an agreement. Because if you don't like it, you have to find a new place to spread out. until I get the right place changed location 3 times.

When the tent is set up, the mattress and seats are finished. Sit back and relax and drink cold water. because the body temperature starts to get hot to the point of sweating due to having just exerted a tent.

Activity: setting up a tent at Khlong Nam Lai Waterfall It can be considered that you really came to relax. Due to being cut off from the world of social media Because there was no cell phone signal at all.

Electricity is not available. In the park, coffee shops are powered by solar energy. As for me, I prepared a Power Box because I need to charge photography equipment, record videos, and charge an iPad for my child to play games to relieve boredom. Including charging fans that are needed during this hot summer.

There are several tent camping areas as far as I can see, namely the large area in front. "Khlong Nam Lai Waterfall", a wide courtyard to the coffee shop This courtyard is considered beautiful and smooth grass. If anyone can pitch a tent at the waterfall view, it would be great. because you will see the waterfall all the time.

Caution: Please everyone set up tents in the grass area. There will be a road between the camping area and the stream. Do not set up at the edge of the stream. Because the officials didn't allow it. There may be a change to a new tent site.

The other area is on the top in front of the bathroom. Long in front of the waterfall This area in front of the waterfall is very beautiful as well. But the area will be tilted. It's hard to find a flat area.

Another courtyard will be at the top. Beyond the bathroom The upper area does not have a view of the waterfall at all. It is an open area surrounded by hills. If the other areas are full, you must choose this area as the last area to set up a tent.

As for the bathroom, there are 2 points separating men and women. Cleanliness depends on the number of guests staying. But overall clean.

The activity is playing in the waterfall, but this time the waterfall is very small. So I didn't go swimming. In the morning, walk up to see the view of the waterfall above. Impressed by the beautiful atmosphere.

Review of Klong Nam Lai Waterfall.

Service entrance fee

  • 40 baht for Thai people.
  • 20 baht for Thai children.
  • Seniors 60 years and over free.
  • 200 baht for foreigners.
  • 100 baht for foreign children.
  • Car fee is 30 baht per car.
  • The cost of a motorcycle is 20 baht each.
  • Tent pitching fee is 30 baht/person/night.


  • parking lot
  • There are officers checking at all times.
  • Welfare shop, coffee shop 10:00-17:00
  • There are 2 separate male and female toilets.
  • There is a garbage dump in the parking lot.
  • no phone signal
  • There is no electric charger.

Additional things to prepare If going camping.

  • Torch
  • Power Box หรือ Power Bank
  • Portable DC Fan
  • Lamp or lamp for lighting
  • An ointment to treat allergies and itchiness, especially dandruff.

Things to watch out for.

  • Ants and insects near the base of the tree.
  • If spread near the tree, look at the dry branches. or broken branches will fall into the tent.
  • In the morning there will be insects. Be careful, if you get bitten it will be very itchy.
  • Watch out for the bees, there are wild bees that like to fly nearby. Don't carelessly brush your hand.

Ask for more information.

Khlong Lan National Park Khlong Nam Lai Subdistrict, Khlong Lan District, Kamphaeng Phet Province.

Call : 088 407 9915

e-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.