Metal cars, models, Thai taxis that must be searched

For a steel car model Majorette brand from France. That has a long history with the production of model steel cars Currently, the major production bases are in Thailand. We then saw a beautiful model car. That exist in Thailand such as Thai taxis.

Taxis of Thailand Currently, most of the cars are mainly Toyota Corolla Altis. Majorette has produced a metal taxi model out of 11 cars together. Thai taxis are available in many colors. Therefore makes it look very eye-catching If we put them together Thai taxis are divided into 6 totally single colors and 5 two-tone colors. Let's see what types there are.

Majorette Thai Taxi

1. Blue Thai Taxi.


2. Pink Thai Taxi


3. Red Thai Taxi


4. Yellow Thai Taxi


5. Green Thai Taxi


6. Orange Thai Taxi (Rare item)


7. Red Yellow Thai Taxi.


8. Green Yellow Thai Taxi.


9. Orange Yellow Thai Taxi.


10. White Pink Thai Taxi.


11. Red Blue Thai Taxi.


If anyone wants to collect a metal model taxi These are hobbies. Was able to buy and collect all 11 types, but there will be orange taxis that are hard to find than other cars Because it will be contained in The Gift Pack gift box, which will have 5 taxis, it will have this orange car. If anyone can collect them in a set Should be able to find this Gift Pack first After that Gradually looking for other 6 colored taxis to add as they will be sold as individual single packages.

But if anyone has other cars Already stored But still don't have that orange taxi Can be found in the Majorette Surprise egg. If lucky, open an orange taxi Which some people are able to look in the egg hole until you see the car inside Then can buy as needed.