A collection of 6 Thai taxis that are extremely spicy.

For model steel car collectors looking for and collecting Thai taxis, I can say that it is not that difficult for some people. But for some collectors it can be difficult Since some areas may not be available for sale And I can say that some vehicles are very rare.

Thai taxi model Is a Toyota Altis car, divided into just one color, there are 6 types and two colors (two-tone), there are 5 cars. If combined, there are 11 types. We come to see the pure one color taxi that I collect. Better for all 6 cars first.

Majorette Thai Taxi

Taxis are considered cars that are close to many city people. Due to having to use regular taxi services For taxis in Thailand Considered to be very beautiful. Because there are many colors The color is as bright as a candy.

Majorette Thai Taxi

These 3 are composed of pink, (orange rare) and yellow. If anyone wants to buy, they are available at toy stores. In the mall And convenience stores that are open 24 hours for the price of a single package is about 129 baht per vehicle. If lucky, may be found during the promotion in the mall. Which will be on sale all year round.

But the color taxi that is very rare is the orange taxi Because there is not a single package sold like other cars Will be available as a gift box and if anyone doesn't want to buy a gift pack or can't buy Had to find open in Majorette's "Surprise Eggs" for 99 baht. Whoever finds an orange taxi Considered to be very worthwhile.

Majorette Thai Taxi

There are 3 more taxis in the taxi, including blue taxis, red taxis and green taxis. Is not difficult to find for this 3 cars.

Majorette Thai Taxi

In fact, there are only 5 two-tone taxis. I will take a photo to write a review. For all taxis, it is considered a small car model. Very beautiful If you don't have any, then collect it and try to find it and collect it.

Orange Taxi Majorette

Blue Taxi Majorette

Green Taxi Majorette

Pink Taxi Majorette

Red Taxi Majorette

Yellow Taxi Majorette