Camping Saraburi P&N Valley Camp

Travel 3-4 June 2022

I woke up early along with the sound of thunder from time to time Today we have plans to go camping in Muak Lek District. Saraburi Province It's a private yard called "P&N Valley Camp" complete with the sound of roaring thunder.

I hurriedly took a shower and got dressed. along with waking up the daughter to get out of bed with a drowsiness As for me, I have prepared the equipment for camping since yesterday. When everyone was ready, we set off. I stopped by to have breakfast. It's chicken rice at a shop near my house.

As we drove out for a while, the rain started to fall, making the morning air cool and comfortable, not stuffy. In fact, I want the rain to fall after pitching the tent so that I can sit and lie down and listen to the sound of the pouring rain. in the midst of natural atmosphere And I also chose a stone patio as well. If it rains, the ground won't be as dirty as the ground or the grass.


During the time I drove into Saraburi Province, the rain disappeared along with the gentle sunlight. that shines through the clouds in front of us Both sides of the road are filled with verdant green of various trees that bloom during the wet rainy season.

Because today's tent site is not far from home. It doesn't take long to drive. So we had time to stop and drink coffee. It's a cafe in a gas station with a field of sunflowers in the background. But today the sunflower field is nowhere to be seen. because the soil is being plowed to prepare for planting again.

After that we headed to P&N Valley Camp. It took us about half an hour to reach our destination. I drove in as the owner informed me on Line. Then we arrived at the tent site. It's a stone courtyard under shady trees, really nice.

Location service fees for P&N Valley Camp are listed on the Facebook Page and can be easily contacted for reservations. I'll go into brief details at the end.

Since I had never been there before and didn't know where to set up the tent to get the best atmosphere. The owner informed me that there were only 3 stone yards left, so I had to reserve accordingly. And also thinking that if it rains, it's better than a dirt field.


But when I parked the car and unloaded all my luggage from the car, I could see that Lan Hin 3 The reservation is too close to the bathroom. but have to accept because the reservation has already been paid I started to set up the tarp to shade from the sun and rain first. before pitching a tent while I was pitching the tent I could feel when the wind was blowing from the bathroom. There was an unpleasant smell that lingered from time to time. We looked at each other and talked about whether we could tolerate the smell of the bathroom for the duration of our one night stay.

กางเต็นท์ P&N Valley Camp

I tried not to pay too much attention to the bathroom smell. But it floats into my nose every time. and increasingly clear It's like someone farted. Smell it periodically.

So we notified the property maintenance staff. That this point is not okay. Regarding the smell coming from the bathroom, after a while the staff walked up and said that there was a tent area that was also a stone area available, so that I could go see if it was okay.

It is a stone courtyard under the shade of trees. But it's further from the bathroom. and no disturbing smell So I decided to withdraw the anchor and quickly move the tarp and tent to the new rock terrace.

กางเต็นท์ P&N Valley Camp

It is considered an excellent service for me. As a service user If you are in trouble, the staff will take care of you and provide replacement services as appropriate.

The owner informed that The officers have been asked to put EM to deodorize. There is also a plan to change the tank to a closed system so that it does not emit a bad odor that disturbs vacationers.

Once the tent has been set up, set the cooking table. The first meal is boiled meatballs with flavored sauce and vegetables on the side. Ending with a delicious fruit mangosteen.

กางเต็นท์ P&N Valley Camp

I sat and rested until I was tired. Then I walked to take photos of the surrounding atmosphere. The location where the VIP tent is set up is on a high hill. See the beautiful mountain range in front And is also a viewpoint for sunset views. I regret that I didn't choose to pitch a tent at this point, not because I was concerned about the 100 baht more expensive price, but because I couldn't reserve it in time. This is a high hill, so the wind always blows cool. The floor was beautifully planted with grass and looked very clean.

This camping ground doesn't have any activities for children to play, which makes my 9-year-old daughter bored. As for Mom, there was an activity to cook food for us to eat together.

กางเต็นท์ P&N Valley Camp

Return to our tent site again. which is very shady and cool because it was under the trees that surrounded the place Branches cover the shaded area quite well.

กางเต็นท์ P&N Valley Camp

But there are some that have worms. falling and Suddenly crawled into the tent area. I used the stick gradually. Scramble it out among the tops of other trees. camping out Must be very careful about insect bites. Because if you miss out on poisonous insects, you may not be happy with that trip.

กางเต็นท์ P&N Valley Camp

At night, there will be the sound of nearby tents playing soft music floating to be heard along the wind. After 10 p.m. there was silence. but could clearly hear the conversation I entered the tent at ten o'clock and fell asleep.

Startled again at midnight. From the sound of thunder and the pouring rain Fortunately, there was only no strong wind. The rain continued to pour until the sound of the tarp was clearly heard. As the tarp holds up, a small amount of rainwater pours down the side of the tent. It was as if someone had thrown water down with a loud bang. But that's okay. The tent can still withstand the impact of the water.

กางเต็นท์ P&N Valley Camp

Wake up in the morning with a refreshing atmosphere. Along with the sound of birds chirping, some near and some far. I hurriedly got up to go to the bathroom. Take a shower and get dressed. Then come back and put unnecessary things in waterproof bags.

Then come sit down and eat breakfast. For this meal, my wife made rice porridge with minced pork and added dried shrimp. Hot rice porridge is very delicious in this natural atmosphere.

กางเต็นท์ P&N Valley Camp

When breakfast was finished, they helped put up the tent. which was not very wet from the rain Because we set up a tarp to protect from the rain on top. make it easy to store no need to wait for it to dry.

As for the tarp, we removed the surrounding pillars, leaving two central pillars. Allow the water that clings to the tarp to dry, but use tissue paper to dry it faster. Then fold it up and put it in your bag.

กางเต็นท์ P&N Valley Camp

The rest is a table and chairs to rest on. We put our stuff up on the car's roof rack. Fold the table and chairs and put them away. before traveling home.