Eurasia cha farewell

Two years ago, my family and I used to go on vacation yet. Eurasia Cha Am Lagoon Hotel I have come once. At that time, my 4-year-old daughter loved playing in the pool very much. And the accommodation at that time was reserved for a seaside room with a beautiful, private sandy beach. The front of the room was next to the swimming pool. It can be said that it is very convenient when taking children to play in the water. And at night you can still hear the sound of waves crashing on the shore all night.


This time is a long holiday. therefore thought of this hotel and would like to come back to travel again But couldn't reserve the original room in time, therefore got a room in Building L, a 2-storey building facing the sea. But not next to the sea and swimming pool. The area of the room is wider than before. The bed is 2 double beds. I sleep alone, 1 bed, my wife and daughter sleep together. It's fine. No need to squeeze together.

After I ate food near Saphan Pla, the fishing community "Lucky Seafood Restaurant" After I was full, I immediately rushed to the hotel because my daughter urged me to play in the swimming pool. Traveling by driving from Saphan Pla Fishing Community Market onto Road 4028, there will be signs pointing the way to Eurasia Cha-am Lakun Hotel It is recommended that we use Google maps to make it easier to navigate to the hotel for people who have never been before.


After driving the car into Eurasia Cha-am Lakun Hotel I stopped at the building in front of the car on the left to check in. The staff informed me that the room is being cleaned. Please wait a moment. When finished, I will call to inform you. Still can't check in? That's okay. Because I arrived before noon, much earlier than check-in time because I didn't know where to go after breakfast.


So I parked the car in the parking lot near the pond. And exactly the same as Building L where I stayed, Eurasia Cha Am Lakul Hotel is good in that it has a spacious parking lot, convenient, don't worry, there is a security guard taking care of cars coming in and out in front of the hotel as well.


After that, my family and I prepared swimming equipment for my daughter. She wanted to play in the pool and then managed to change the clothes into a swimsuit successfully with the rubber rings because she was not swimming for me and my wife, but only stood watching. During this time, I walk and take photos around the hotel. At this time, the atmosphere is not so bright because the rain has just stopped. The sun was shining directly on my head. The sky was so dull and dull.


Looking at the sandy beach surrounding the sea. quiet as always There was no one on the left. There was no one on the right. Swimming pool area and quiet sandy beach Due to the hot weather Probably no one thinks about going out to do outdoor activities at this time. Because it's very hot and stuffy.


In the swimming pool, there were 4 children and adults playing in the water. It was a family. My daughter joined in and had fun like children.


Overall there are 4 pools in the hotel: a large pool There are 2 pools for adults and 2 small pools for children. The water in the pools is clear and clean. Next to the pool there is a faucet for washing yourself. Wash off sand that is stuck from playing in the sea. And there is a changing room for both male and female tourists, very convenient.


After a while, the hotel staff called to inform us of the room we had reserved. You can stay now. So we drove out to check in and received the key and Wifi code, which can be used only 1 code per day. Reserved for 2 days and received 2 Wifi codes. It is an indispensable item for people in this era. Lack of Wifi is like dying. Alive haha. When my daughter played in the water enough, I had to force her to get out of the pool. Because the weather is hot and sunny, I fear that I will not feel well.


After the daughter came out of the pool We then walked to our accommodation. Building L is a 2-storey building, good that we get a room on the ground floor without having to walk up to the second floor. Many tourists come to park their cars in front of the accommodation. Because it's more convenient than having to walk and carry things from the parking lot.

ยูเรเซียชะอำลากูล อาคาร L

 When entering the hotel room that we have reserved, it will be 2 double beds. There is a work desk to set up a notebook computer for work at the end of the bed and a TV to watch TV programs. But it's not very clear. Underneath the TV cabinet is a small refrigerator. And inside there are 2 bottles of drinking water provided.

ยูเรเซียชะอำลากูล อาคาร L

ยูเรเซียชะอำลากูล อาคาร L

Outside the balcony of the accommodation, this hotel is good in that it has A clothesline is also provided for when we finish playing in the pool or the sea. There must be clothes that get wet and want to dry them. The clothes rack like in this picture I have stayed in in other rooms has the same in every room. Very convenient.


When you open the bedroom curtains, you can see the outside view. Part of the sea can be seen because the trees and swimming pool buildings almost completely obscure the sea. But we can also see cars parked in the parking lot.

ยูเรเซียชะอำลากูล อาคาร L

As for the bathroom, it was rather shabby and old, including the toilet and wall floor, sink, and curtains. It didn't look very beautiful. The water spray hose was gentle and not very strong. The water heater works well but isn't very hot. If these things can be improved This hotel should be able to increase the price of accommodation further. But if the price is expensive and this situation is encountered, the customer will be upset. For people who expect a lot of high society But my family has been here once and can accept this price.

ห้องน้ำยูเรเซียชะอำลากูล อาคารL

 Eurasia Cha-am Lakun Hotel This is the place I chose to stay because it was cheap, over 700 baht per night. There was a swimming pool for the children to play in. and has a beautiful sandy beach It's private, not cluttered. These are the highlights of this hotel. But for the room, it's a bit old and shabby. I admit that at this cheap price, I can't expect much. And it's not too bad for the price. But if the hotel renovates new rooms I think it will increase the value and impression quite a lot.


After packing the luggage from the car to the room, it's time to lie down and relax. I invite my family to go out together, which is better than anything. After coming to this place, we should take our kids to see some eye-opening. The destination is "Swiss sheep farm" which is a sheep farm inside with animals and the place is beautifully decorated and very photogenic. Let's go see what's interesting.

Saturday 12 October 2019