Camping and enjoying the cold breeze

December 31, 2022

I took my family on a camping trip to set up a tent. Private courtyard called "Krathing Camp @ Khao Phaeng Ma" Wang Nam Khiao is a private tent camping area nearby. with Khao Yai National Park Khao Phaeng Ma area which has wild bulls coming out to see abundantly If asked if the atmosphere How many degrees is Khao Phaeng Ma? I can tell you that during the New Year period it was very cold, with strong dew and strong winds, definitely lower than 15 degrees. Who will visit during the winter?

It is advisable to prepare bedding and winter clothes to be ready. My plan is to leave early in the morning. I think I'll arrive around noon. Then set up the tent. Before doing anything to eat After that, sit and wait for the time to watch the bulls come out to graze in the early evening.


When I first drove up to the intersection of the entrance which is a gravel and dusty road There were many cars driving in the opposite direction. It is believed that it was a tourist car that went to pitch a tent last night.

view from inside the car You will see a wide grass field interspersed with mountain ranges. Dust spreads along the road as cars pass by.

When we arrived at the place "Krathing Camp @ Khao Phaeng Ma" when I hadn't even gotten out of the car yet. I even wanted to go back out and find another place to pitch a tent. Because the atmosphere has been looked at The sun is very bright. I think he must have been sitting and enjoying the hot breeze. Even though it's winter.

But after getting out of the car The original idea must be changed immediately. After experiencing the cool air Along with the cold wind blowing all the time, I felt that setting up a tent here definitely wasn't as bad as I thought.


After the tent has been set up we eat together I can't believe it's the afternoon, the sun is strong, but the air is very cold.

So I picked up the coffee and brewed hot water to drink. Because the weather is cold You get hot coffee like this. It helps relieve the cold quite well.


We sat and talked. As evening began, the air temperature gradually decreased. Until I had to grab another jean jacket and put on another one. This time I didn't bring a sweater. Because I thought it wasn't cold.

But this was a very wrong assumption. Because the weather here is really cold. The wind was blowing strong all the time.


Around 4:30-5:00 p.m. is the time when the herd of bison comes out to eat grass. So we drove out along the route. To go up to the Khao Phaeng Ma bull viewing point. The path was a steep hill. And it is also a laterite stone.


We drive along the road. will notice the electric wire fence line That is a barrier to prevent wild animals from crossing the park boundary into the community agricultural area. And we met a herd of bulls. The herd was not very big, there were about ten of them.

We parked the car to go take pictures. But it was twilight. Taking photos was difficult because the light was low and the bulls were quite far away.


We arrived back in the evening after sunset. It's easy to cook fried rice. And then we sat and talked continuously. But the weather was getting colder. In addition to the cold There was still a cold wind blowing all the time.

The later it gets, the colder it gets. Along with the dew drops falling on the tarp we had spread over the tent. I was surprised Because the wind was blowing strong, but why was there still so much dew?

I had to put a hat on my head. Because when we stand up Our head would hit the tarp and the dew on our hair would immediately wet our hair, so wet that it was soaked.


We sat and talked. To wait for the countdown to receive the new year, but the cold makes us tremble as well. I never thought it would be this cold.


I let my children go to sleep in the tent so they won't be exposed to the cold wind. After a while, my wife couldn't stand it and asked to go in and sleep with the child as well. As for me, I sat and drank to relieve the cold. but to no effect

Instead, it made me feel even colder. So he excused himself into the tent. Don't wait for the countdown time to welcome the new year.

After entering the tent I must go to sleep chilling because the sleeping bag has It was rated at 15 degrees Celsius, but now it's below 15 degrees Celsius, causing me to shudder all night.


 Woke up this morning to a strong wind blowing. The kind that would blow away tarps and tents. I came out to check the ropes and anchors as I woke up in the night.

But everything was fine until the morning. The air here is so fresh in the morning.


Many tents wake up and walk around to enjoy the morning atmosphere. And there were many other tents where last night the party was quite heavy. Therefore causing you to wake up late. Get a good night's sleep on a chilly morning.


This tent camping area is considered to be the coldest tent camping area since I set up a tent in 2022 onwards at Phu Toei National Park. The mountain of the gods It's true that the weather is cold and windy. But there is no strong dew like at Khao Phaeng Ma.


It is considered a tent site. "Krating Camp @ Khao Phaeng Ma" creates an impression of the cold weather beyond expectations. Setting up a tent during the next winter season This would be a good lesson.

not to underestimate the cold However, be sure to prepare enough sweaters and blankets. If you don't want to sleep shaking like this time

camping site Private tent camping area "Krathing Camp @ Khao Phaeng Ma"

Service fee: 150 baht per adult/night.

Children under 10 years old enter for free.

The parking lot can park about 10 cars, the rest are parked on the street outside.

There are luggage carts available for use.

Shared bathrooms, not separated for men and women, there are only 3 rooms.

There is a sink

There is electricity to charge batteries for electrical equipment. Daytime There is no night time because it uses solar cells.

have a mobile signal

In the evening, the camp owner goes out to shop. You can order other products. that want him to come

Personal opinion: Overall, I like the weather here the most.