Ride a motorcycle to set up a tent at "Khun Nam Yen"

Saturday 24 June 2023

I left the house on my motorcycle in the early morning at 4:00 am, all my luggage had been prepared since yesterday and securely tied to the back of the motorcycle. This is my first time traveling by motorcycle. distance of more than three hundred kilometers at Mae Wong National Park

I made an appointment with my younger sibling who works together before going on a motorcycle trip together. by heading to “Mae Wong National Park” to experience the coolness during the rainy season of the year at “Chong Yen”

We traveled on a motorcycle for a while and then stopped at a gas station in Sing Buri Province. and was contacted by another young man who was about to drive a motorcycle to join him. So we agreed to sit and wait at the gas station. It's a way to relax and relax within yourself.

After the younger person driving along had reached the appointed point. We started traveling again. Total motorcycles on this trip are 3 cars, 4 people.


We drove into Chainat Province. Enter Kamphaeng Phet Province. With a cool atmosphere in the morning We stop at the pump To refuel and stretch a little. Because sitting on a motorcycle seat for a long time also causes pain in the buttocks.

The road to Kamphaeng Phet Province The road is comfortable and easy to drive a motorcycle. The route is considered good for real tourism.

Before we reach Mae Wong National Park stop by Klong Lan Highways Department After going to the toilet, drink water and relax your body. We continue our journey to Mae Wong National Park.


After a short drive, we reached the checkpoint. Mae Wong National Park in which we have to pay the entrance fee to the park.

Motorcycle fee is 20 baht per car.

The entrance fee to the park is 40 baht per person.

Life insurance, 10 baht per person

I bought a spray to prevent "Khun" at 120 baht per bottle and bought a balm in case it gets hit so that it can be applied to the itch at 40 baht per bottle.

After that, we rode a motorcycle up to the visitor center. We have to pay a tent fee there, 30 baht/person/night, along with stamping the park's seal in the book to commemorate the trip to each park.


I also bought drinking water from here, totaling 100 baht because at the top where we are going to pitch a tent is "Khun Yen Yen Tenting Yard", there is nothing for sale except "Yen Yen Yen Tenting Yarn" which we know is full now. Therefore, we have to change our destination to the camping ground "Khun Nam Yen" instead.

On the way up to the Khun Nam Yen tent area. We passed the first viewpoint, “Kiw Krathing”, causing the motorcycle in front to turn into the parking lot to stop and admire the view. I drove in Without warning, my eyes turned to look at the beautifully intricate mountain range. Turning around again, the car in front brakes and stops. As a result, I was unable to brake in time, so I swerved in front of the car and turned to the right to get out of the way. But the left-hand handlebar collided with the top box of the car in front, causing my motorcycle to lurch to the right-hand side. I tried to support myself but couldn't because the car and the heavy luggage I carried was so heavy that I dropped down and lay on my side and jumped out of the car in an overhanging position.


Everyone turned to look at each other. with laughter I was not injured at all, so I hurried to support the car up with the younger driver behind me.

When the car was set up and examined, it was found that there was no damage. In addition to the abrasions that Anti-fall cash bar with pipe guards to prevent falls It's only a trace Other than that, the rest of the car's color scheme was not damaged in the slightest.

When we finished taking pictures, we continued driving until we reached the viewpoint “Little Mokoju” which is a hill about three meters up. And there was a small rock on the hill, and everyone tried to climb up to take a souvenir photo. Before traveling to the tent camping area to stay overnight. Before the rain falls.


When we arrive at the camping ground The rain began to pour down in small droplets. Causing us to quickly set up the tarp and set up the tent to finish before the big rain falls.

after spreading the tarp Finished setting up the tent. We came and sat together in the tarp. Meanwhile the rain started falling harder and harder. along with strong wind gusts.


We cook together. Prepare pork sausage with salad dressing and vegetables. Pork sausage salad menu that is easy to make It was finished quickly and ready for us to eat lunch in the rain.

We sat and talked until evening. The rain began to subside. So he drove his motorcycle up to the "Khun Nam Yen" tent camping area, which was an approximate distance of only 4 kilometers.

Driving up to the camping area "Chong Yen" this time must be careful. Because the rain that just stopped The road was wet from rain and curved along the mountainside. Fortunately, the road is asphalt paved, allowing us to drive comfortably. Using a moderate speed After a while, we reached the "cold compartment" tent camping area.

The "cold compartment" is as cool as its name suggests. It blows hard, bringing the coolness of the rain to the face all the time. Directly in the tent area It was filled with many tourist tents. The front view is of slanted mountain ranges on two sides. Until there is a channel for air to pass directly through. This is probably the origin of the name "Cold Chong".

I went in and took pictures and videos with the mobile phone I had with me all the time. But up here, there is no telephone network signal at all. A mobile phone can only be a camera to record images and record videos.

before the sky gets dark I rode my motorcycle back down to the "Khun Nam Yen" tent camping area. We drove down in two cars. On the way, strong winds blow all the time. The sound of the wind whistling against the treetops drowned out the sound of the two motorcycles. While we were driving our motorcycles along the mountain range. which on the left hand side is a deep abyss And on the right hand side is a stone wall rising along the roadside, leading up to a steep mountain range with trees growing upright in rows, swaying with the force of the wind hitting the tops of the trees.

Suddenly, the sound of wood creaks in the forest, causing the motorcycle in front of me to Both the driver and passenger had to slow down the speed of the car and turned to look at me with concern. What do you think happened to my car? But it's not a car problem. What everyone saw at that time was A tree with a trunk about 1 foot wide was leaning down. and dropping himself abruptly onto the road just a bit behind my motorcycle I was shocked and turned to look. before accelerating away for fear that there might be other trees fall along with.

ลานกางเต็นท์ ช่องเย็น

We drove up to the camping area excitedly. and eat dinner In the meantime, there are officers walking to inspect. Therefore informing the officers that they found wind trees blocking the road while returning from "Chong Yen", which the officer went up to look in order to go up and cut down the trees that block the road.

During the night The rain continued to pour down continuously. Along with the sound of the wind that blows so loud that it's scary The sound of the wind blowing so loudly against the treetops and mountain ranges that we could hardly hear anything at all.

I went to sleep in a 1P tent, none of us showered today. At best, you can only brush your teeth at the park's restroom. and returned to his own tent to sleep.

I listened to the sound of the wind blowing until Kelim fell asleep. After a while, he heard the sound of rain falling until he was startled. Then he slept until around 3:30 a.m. and everything was quiet. Can't hear the wind Can't hear the rain Everything in nature was eerily quiet.

ลานกางเต็นท์ ช่องเย็น

But what makes the loneliness disappear from the camping ground That was the snoring of the siblings who lived in a nearby tent. louder in a steady rhythm It made me feel at ease that at least there was a sound that made us feel lonely in the middle of the forest.

At five o'clock in the morning, the sound of a strong wind started again. I hurriedly got up and let the air out of the pillow. and the mattress before being folded into the bag then managed to gradually keep the tent because it has been verified that The tent flyseat does not get wet in any rain. It should be dry due to strong winds this morning. As I put the tent into its waterproof bag, light raindrops began to fall again.

Look, we're going to have to pack things up in the rain. Is it like when we arrived? As soon as we finished packing our tents, the rain stopped, so we cooked instant noodles for breakfast. With 1 hard-boiled egg per person.

After we finished, we rode a motorcycle up to the cold compartment. and passed by the fallen trees in the evening But the part blocking the road had already been cut off by officials.


On the cool tent area this morning. I can tell you that it is very beautiful. The mist is white and cool. This is what makes many people Set your eyes on the tent camping area "Chong Yen". Saturday - Sunday or public holidays Should have the opportunity to pitch a tent at this "cold compartment" courtyard easily.

After we were satisfied with taking photos and enjoying the atmosphere. then drive down the hill to travel home together On the way It was raining a little from time to time and we still stopped by the viewpoint "Little Mokoju" and "Kew Krathing" before we headed home.