Indonesia 2022

23-26 November 2022

The company I work for has an annual work improvement competition and this year, there are 2 teams that have to travel to Indonesia to compete. which hosts the regional competition Which will be together in 3 countries: Indonesia, India and Thailand. We traveled to Indonesia on the night of November 23, 2022, with all expenses paid by the company.


I prepare to exchange Indonesian money. By using 5,000 baht in Thai money, he received approximately 2 million and five hundred thousand rupiah money according to the exchange rate at that time. It was the first time that I had a million in my wallet.


We arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport at 5:00 AM. But before you can get your luggage into the Gate Bag, you have to wait in line for over an hour.

After that, hurry to the gate because the plane is about to take off. There's no time to walk around and chill.

We traveled on Thai Airways "Rak Khun Tao Fa", the plane was really new and there was a lot of space on the plane. But they arranged for us to sit together in the middle of the machine. Probably to reduce the time or distance of service within the machine.

It took us about 3.5 hours to travel. Along the way, we watched a movie for a while. We'll be there in just a moment.


Upon arrival at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport We also have to be busy with screening for COVID-19 because airlines allow us to load applications. and fill in information.

After filling in the information, it will be confirmed by sending via personal email. Many people are confused. When they go down to the airport, they are asked to use an application to scan through the QR-Code set. give

We scanned it and it got an error. Therefore decided to walk slowly to meet the officer Sit at tables in a row in front of the board. brought all 3 vaccination documents for examination.

and walked through the immigration and queued up for an interview If you come as a group Should stay in the same line, it will be faster because the accommodation information and the purpose of traveling will be the same.

Come out outside the airport, there will be a car waiting to pick you up. is a mini bus which will take Thai people and Indian people to the hotel together.


We stopped for lunch on the way first in this area.


The restaurant is a Chinese restaurant. The taste is considered to be suitable for Thai people. It's not greasy and has all the delicious flavors. We ordered food to eat and the table was full. Along with Indonesian beer to relieve a slightly dry throat.


Before arriving at the hotel This is a Japanese hotel, Asuka Hotel, in the 2100 estate, close to where I work. If comparing the distance, it should be about the same as Suvarnabhumi Airport. to the industrial estate near Rayong That's about it.

We are quite exhausted when we arrive, so we hurriedly check in to the room, put our luggage away and then go down for a walk.


The atmosphere of the Bali-style room is enough to relax comfortably in each room. Late at night There will be a sound of the refrigerator compressor, it will ring in the middle of the night, like someone knocking on the room rhythmically.

I went to open the door and didn't find anyone. I had to search for the source of the sound. It appeared that the noise was behind the refrigerator.


The atmosphere behind the hotel is a pool. and a Japanese restaurant This place is famous for its original Japanese food. and inexpensive too.

In the evening, we ate Japanese food downstairs at the hotel, a total of 4 people, worth about a thousand Thai baht.


In the morning, the hotel staff will bring food to be served to the room at 7:00 am. Once finished, go downstairs. There will be a car from the hotel to the factory.


When everyone was ready, the competition began. Thailand sends 2 teams, India sends 3 teams, and Indonesia hosts 3 teams.


Results of the competition will be announced during dinner. India received the 1st prize, Thailand received the 2nd prize, and the host country of Indonesia received the 3rd prize.


Afterwards we had a fun party. Indonesian people who practice Islam do not drink alcohol. But it fully welcomes Thai and Indian people. Make the atmosphere full of fun.

The important thing is that Indonesian people also like to listen to Thai music.


Another day we went to see work in the factory. after work Indonesian employees who have gone to learn on the job in Thailand He drove us to drink beer. In a place called Meikarta District 1

This place is like a beer garden in our country. There is a stage for concerts. And there is a VIP table and sofa, but observe the surrounding Most are young teenagers. And there is a pattern of families sitting down to eat.

Young people sit and drink tea and juice. I rarely see people drinking beer. Besides us Thai people and Indian people.


This morning the company brought a minibus to pick us up at the hotel. to take you to the airport Return to Bangkok during the night. During this time there will be employees of the company. Take us on a trip in Jakarta.

The one we wanted to go to was Tarman Mini.


We arrived at Tarman Mini in the morning and walked around to take photos. At first it rained a little, then stopped, making the air fresh and cool. We really enjoyed walking around taking photos.


This attraction It should be bringing the traditional architecture and culture of the Indonesian people in each province together here. so that tourists can admire each other.

You can tell me. It's really very beautiful and amazing. I think that 1 day of walking around here wouldn't be enough.


I would like to say goodbye with this picture of a tribal house in Indonesia first. After traveling and sightseeing almost everywhere We took the cable car across and returned to the parking lot. and traveled to eat lunch

Before traveling to the airport to return to Thailand.