Majorette Honda CR-Z Glow in the dark

Majorette's car model in the Limited Edition Series4 Glow in the dark set is a car that can glow in the dark. All of that will include this Honda CR-Z. The glowing model cars that I have about 8 cars. Let's see the details of this car better.

For the car that Majorette brought to reduce the size down 1/55 to 3 inches in length, the Honda CR-Z with a 4-cylinder engine, 1,497 cc, with 114 horsepower and a top speed of 200 km / h. Time 9.9 sec. Weight of real car, leather up to 1,245 kg

 CRZ-Glow in the dark

This car has a white base color. And there is a light green stripe over the white, making the car more beautiful with dimensions.

CRZ-Glow in the dark

The front of the car has a black front grille with white CR-Z letters, black front lights and a Honda logo attached to the bonnet. The bonnet has a light green stripe expected and has a large white CR-Z letter. Gray-black windscreen But not dark.

CRZ-Glow in the dark

The back of the car has red and white taillights. There is a Honda logo in the middle. The back door has the letters CR-Z and the letters HYBRID.

CRZ-Glow in the dark

The back door can be opened, allowing us to see the inside, which is made of phosphoric composite plastic.

CRZ-Glow in the dark

The wheels are made of black maxi. And with rubber wheels made of phosphoric plastic Causing the wheel part to glow in the dark.

CRZ-Glow in the dark

The floor of the car is made of black plastic with the number Lot.BK220118, which was produced on the 22nd month of 1 year 2018 with a clear Majorette logo.

For the Limited Edition Series 4 Glow in the dark, there are about 10 cars. Try to find and collect all together.

Limited Edition Series4 Glow in the dark 2018

1. Citroën C4 Cactus Red - Glow in the dark 

2. Citroën C4 Cactus Yellow - Glow in the dark 

3. Subaru WRX STI - Glow in the dark

4. Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat - Glow in the dark 

5. Nissan GTR - Glow in the Dark

6. Honda CR-Z White & Red - Glow in the dark

7. Honda CR-Z White & Green - Glow in the dark

8. Mercedes Benz AMG GT - Glow in the dark