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Majorette Honda Civic Type R (Zamak) Limited Edition 2018

Honda Civic Type R (Zamak) Limited Edition 2018 is one of 10 Majorette models produced in 2018 with a special alloy called Zamak consisting of aluminum, magnesium, copper and zinc.

From this special Zamak metal composition, the Zamac color car comes out like in the photo. And the manufacturer wants to show that this model car is unique like other cars Therefore not making other colors To overlay the Zamak metal color, so we have seen the traditional silver gray Zamac color.

Honda Civic TypeR Zamak

Honda Civic Type R, we are probably familiar and seen a lot on the road, but this color (Zamac color), we can only see the modelette from Majorette.

Honda Civic TypeR Zamak

Some people may not like this color. Because it doesn't look beautiful but actually Then it is Zamak special alloy. In the front of the car we see a black grille. With the Honda logo, black front skirt With white fog lights Clear white headlights I guarantee that this car must be beautiful and pleasing to many people.Do not need car insurance.


Honda Civic TypeR Zamak

The back you will see a black rear skirt, black and red rear lights, and a small Honda logo on the trunk of the rear spoiler. The black top can be seen at the end of the exhaust pipe.

Honda Civic TypeR Zamak

At the rear of the Honda Civic Type R, on this side, we see the red letter R on the trunk. The wheel is beautiful with shiny red. Alloy shaft is a black spokes that Honda cars like to put together. This kind of wheels are very beautiful.

Honda Civic TypeR Zamak

This side, we can see the beautiful D6CSRL type wheels. The glass is clear. Around the car can see clearly inside.

Honda Civic TypeR Zamak

All 4 car doors cannot be opened. The bonnet cannot be opened either.

Honda Civic TypeR Zamak

But for the rear bonnet can be opened very wide Can clearly see the inside.

Honda Civic TypeR Zamak

We can actually open the trunk in the rear compartment.

Honda Civic TypeR Zamak

The top does not have any paint markings. It is plain Zamac color, but it is beautiful.

Honda Civic TypeR Zamak

The car floor is black plastic, with the letter mark as the Majorette logo and with the white mark as the letter BK051118, which is produced on 5 months 11 years 2018.

Reference number REF: 220C Scale ECH: 1/58 Made in Thailand

The car model is Honda Civic Type R.

This Honda Civic Type R is a model car that should be worth collecting for a complete set. If anyone doesn't have, then quickly find it.

As for the Majorette, the Series5 Limited Edition 2018 Zamac color car will be produced in 10 models which

Majorette Limited Edition 2018 Zamac color.

1. Chevrolet Camaro 2010 8SG wheels

2. Chevrolet Camaro 2010 Wheels D6CSWL (Multipack Exclusive)

3. Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, D6CSPL wheels

4. Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, D6CSWL (Multipack Exclusive)

5. Ford Raptor 5LTS2T Wheels (Multipack Exclusive)

6. Honda Civic Type R Wheels D6CSRL

7. Jaguar F-Type Wheels D5SW (Multipack Exclusive)

8. Porsche 911 GT3 RS Wheels D5SG

9. Volkswagen Beetle Wheels 5SVB

10. Volkswagen Golf GTI Wheels D5SW

note :

1. Zamak is a special alloy between aluminum, magnesium, zinc and copper.

2. Zamac is the color of Zamak alloys.