Majorette Toyota Hilux Vigo Pickup Blue

Very hard to find! Majorette Toyota Hilux Vigo pickup truck, especially Vigo pickup truck That does not drill a roof with a sci-fi lamp like this, it is even more difficult to find. Let's try to see the beauty of a rare die cast car better.

Majorette Toyota Hilux Vigo pickup truck is a car that the Majorette factory, the manufacturer has already exhausted the license to produce and sell. Therefore, in the law, it will definitely not be produced for sale in the future.

Make the pickup truck Majorette Toyota Hilux Vigo gradually disappear from the dealership. Which the collectors of metal cars were looking for each other to collect.

At present, we can't find a Majorette Toyota Vigo die-cast in the store, but we may find it in an online store or social group with Majorette die-cast cars, and of course, they cost more than the new Toyota Hilux Revo die-cast.

Although the price is greatly increased But not easy to find and collect Because sometimes collectors don't want to release their own die cast pick-up Toyota Hilux Vigo. Because finding it again would be difficult in the future.

This Toyota Vigo pickup truck A metallic blue car Beautiful and rare Since it was an early model of Toyota Vigo pickup truck, and the body was not the kind that had holes in the roof to mount the Siren light like the later cars. Which is a line of police cars and fire fighting vehicles.

This die cast car has an alloy body. Make a metallic blue color The car glass is made of clear plastic. The rubber wheels are made of black plastic. The wheel is a shiny silver max. The car floor is made of black plastic.

Anyone who wants to collect a Toyota Hilux Vigo die cast car in this period may be difficult to find and cost more than the price of a regular metal car. Try searching online stores. Or enter a sympathetic group You may find a Toyota Hilux Vigo pick up truck that you like.