Majorette Toyota Hilux Vigo Fire Fighting Vehicle Belgium

The legendary rare Majorette, known by many collectors in the industry of collectors, is that "Toyota Hilux Vigo Pickup Truck" Why is "Vigo" a rare die cast car in the legend of collectors?

Currently, the pickup truck that we see, the Toyota Hilux Vigo is outdated and discontinued. There is a new generation of pickup trucks to replace that is "Toyota Hilux Revo pickup truck". Of course, the die cast car model has changed as well.

Majorette Toyota Hilux Vigo pick-up truck has no license to be produced for sale. Therefore, it cannot be produced for sale again at present. The mold in production has already been broken Thus making the Vigo metal car very rare in the general market Department store Or general sales outlets, they are no longer available for sale.

The Majorette Toyota Hilux Vigo pickup truck is therefore highly sought after by collectors in all types and colors and is traded against each other. At a price that is several times higher than the new die cast cars

We can only see the Toyota Hilux Vigo pick-up truck from Majorette die cast car collectors. It is often a car that many people are very fond of. Collectors of pick-up trucks are trying hard to find all kinds of personal collections.

We can find a Majorette Toyota Hilux Vigo pick-up truck from the online die cast car shop, but the price may be higher than the new model cars. You can find out that the price of Majorette Toyota Hilux Vigo metal cars is much higher than the new model Toyota Hilux Revo.

This is a die cast car pickup truck from the Belgian Fire Brigade. There are stripes of the Belgian flag in black, yellow and red on the front door. And there is an English letter POMPIERI meaning fire brigade.

The car has a beautiful deep red color. There is a long yellow pattern from the headlights. Until the rear lights of the car ever There's a blue sci-fi lamp on the roof. And there is a large POMPIERI English letter on the bonnet. The car glass is made of clear plastic around the car. The wheels are made of plastic, not made of real rubber. The wheels are made of five-spoke Y-shaped alloy wheels.