Majorette Toyota Hilux Vigo, Portuguese police car

If we will mention "Rare die cast cars" in the legend for a collector of die cast cars must have "Majorette Toyota Hilux Vigo Pickup" in the list of die cast car collectors for sure. It's a metal car that all die cast car collectors want to own, why?

Toyota Hilux Vigo pick-up truck is rare because the production license is no longer available. The factory is unable to produce and sell again. Because there may be legal consequences Therefore, we certainly cannot see the Majorette Toyota Hilux Vigo pick-up truck on the die cast car sales floor in stores and department stores. If you go to find it, it may be left in stock. Which is considered very lucky That you will get good things at cheap prices.

In addition to the factory being discontinued Collectors chased their collections of the Majorette Toyota Hilux Vigo pick-up trucks until they disappeared from the market.

Of course, when there is no item on the market Therefore, there are people who made an offer in order to acquire the Toyota Vigo die cast car at a higher price than the new generation of die cast cars produced today by the high price of a die cast car auction. In order to have a Majorette Toyota Hilux Vigo pickup truck.

For the pick-up truck that I brought to you today is a Majorette Toyota Hilux Vigo pickup truck, the Portuguese police. The main color of the car will be white. And has a blue pattern with letters POLICIA blue on the door And the bonnet clearly.

On the roof of the pickup truck there is a blue Siren light. The glass around the car is clear plastic. Can be seen inside the black color, the wheels are black plastic, the wheels are the shiny silver Double Max five-pointed star.

The floor of the car is made of black plastic with the Majorette logo and scale scale, ECH: 1/57 and the number REF: 292B, with the last line indicating the car model TOYOTA HILUX.