Majorette Audi R8 Limited Edition Series2

This Majorette Audi R8 model is in the Limited Edition Series2 in the Neon Cars concept "reflective colors". From the past, Majorette produced the Limited Edition Series1 Matt Cars of 9 cars in 2015, so Series2 was produced for collectors to follow again.

There are 9 steel cars in this set as well. Referring to the brochure from Majorette. Let's see Audit R8. This yellow is neon. The striking beauty of this series is probably the flashy colors of the Audi R8. 

Majorette Audi R8

The front of the car has a black grille. Bronze colored headlights The car bonnet is gray, with the white Audi logo on the bonnet.

Majorette Audi R8

The front of the car is made of clear plastic. The side mirror of the car is the same.

Majorette Audi R8

The rear brake lights are made in red, with the Audi logo in the middle of the back of the car. Small details We will also notice the end of the pipe at the rear bumper.

Majorette Audi R8

The rear window of the car is made of clear plastic. Can see inside the car Which we will see the engine details placed at the rear of the car clearly.

Majorette Audi R8

The side of the car has a large gray stripe and R8 black letter.

Majorette Audi R8

The wheels are made of black plastic. The wheel has a shiny silver chrome rim.

Audi R8 Neon yellow

The car's trunk is made of black plastic. A sticker with a production lot is attached. BK231115.

Production reference number REF: 237D.

Production location Made in Thailand.

Attaching the car to the floor using screws Easily removable and does not damage any parts Suitable for wheel modifications, body color changes by oneself.

Majorette Limited Edition series2