Majorette Benz AMG GT - Glow in the dark

We come to see the beautiful cars in the Limited Edition4 Glow in the dark, which is a glow in the dark. This is the Mercedes Benz AMG GT, a cool 2-door sports car. For real information, this car is an 8-cylinder 3,983 cc engine with 476 horse power and a top speed of 304 km / h at 0-100 km / h at 4 seconds. Weight only 1,615 kg.

Majorette brought the Benz AMG GT to the size of 1/60 in size, leaving only 3 inches in length. This small car can comfortably sit in the palm of your hand.

Benz AMG - Glow

This Mercedes Benz AMG GT comes in a beautiful blue color. And with white and green stripes as expected in the Racing style.

Benz AMG - Glow

The front of the car has a large Bena badge and a small Benz logo on the bonnet. The front lights are made of clear plastic, giving a real feel. The front glass of the car is made of clear plastic, allowing to see the white interior.

Benz AMG - Glow

The rear of the car has a red tail light with a Benz logo attached to the trunk of the trunk with the letters AMG and GT. The rear glass is clear plastic, giving a real glass feel.

Benz AMG - Glow

The car door can open both doors. Makes us see the white interior Which is a mixed plastic with fluorescent material Inside, we will see beautiful and very realistic details.

Benz AMG - Glow

Next to the car door will be number 1 for the car in the Glow in the dark Limited Edition. 4. Wheels will be glowing wheels in the dark. For the alloy wheels are beautiful shiny green.

Benz AMG - Glow

The floor of the car is made of black plastic. There is a white number, Lot.BK111217, is manufactured on 11th 12,2017, made in Thailand, Made in Thailand.

Anyone who is interested in a Majorette metal car and is currently collecting a Limited Edition4 Glow in the dark kit will probably have to keep this car in order to complete the set.

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