Bang Pla Mo Temple Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya travel Bang Pla Mo Temple is a temple where Luang Pho Sun The great teacher He is the teacher of Luang Pho Pan, Bang Nom Kho Temple, and Luang Pho Jong, Wat Naat Nok. He resides in this temple.

Bang Pla Mo Temple is located in Nam Tao Subdistrict, Bang Ban District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province. Since I was born as a resident of Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province Located in the vicinity of Bang Pla Mo Temple, means having to travel daily. Passed in front of Bang Pla Mo Temple often since my school days.

But I have never once been inside Bang Pla Mo Temple. Because the temple is on the opposite side of Asia Road. To cross the border in those days, you had to take a cable car across the river. Which is a pity that in my life I will never have the opportunity to ride the cable car across this river again. This is because a bridge has already been built across the river in front of the temple and intersecting with the road behind Bang Pla Mo Temple.



This time I had the opportunity to take my family to worship. Luang Phor Pan, Bang Nom Kho Temple So we took the opportunity to stop by at Bang Pla Mo Temple. Because Bang Pla Mo Temple is the temple that Luang Pho Sun Luang Phor Pan's teacher is staying for the Buddhist Lent. How is this present? The route to Bang Pla Mo Temple It is very close to Bang Nom Kho Temple.

The route is convenient, with a bridge crossing the river to reach the road behind Wat Bang Pla Mo. When I drove into the temple, the atmosphere was very quiet. Because the entrance road to the temple behind the temple on the side of the road is a wilderness. I drove in and parked in the yard in front of the temple by the river. It is considered a beautiful temple.

I went around 11:00 a.m., expecting the monks inside the temple to be having lunch. Therefore unable to see even a single monk. The people in the temple did not see anyone at all. So I got out of the car and went to take pictures in front of Bang Pla Mo Temple. While going down to take pictures I encountered a barking temple dog.

I then excused myself and got into the car and drove out of the temple without being able to take many pictures. But I think the temple is beautiful and quiet.


I drove out and crossed the bridge in front of the temple and stopped the car to take photos from the bridge to get a photo of Bang Pla Mo Temple and the river. I think this temple is really beautiful if you look at it from the bridge.

After I come back I wondered why the temple that used to be so great in the past But people in Bangkok still have to travel to heal and pay homage to Luang Pho Sun. But nowadays, why is it so quiet and deserted? So I searched for information and found that Bang Pla Mo Temple is now There were very few Buddhist monks, probably less than 10, and they were old monks. therefore unable to take good care of the temple And the temple still lacks a lot of money to restore the temple.

Because there are not many people going to make merit in this temple. Therefore, whoever reads this article, if there is a chance, I would like to invite you to pay homage to Luang Pho Sun, Bang Pla Mo Temple. To make merit and visit Bang Pla Mo Temple. This Bang Pla Mo Temple is not far from Bang Nom Kho Temple. But the atmosphere is completely different. If the temple is well restored It would probably be an interesting temple for tourism and cultural relaxation.


Finally, I must return to this Bang Pla Mo Temple again. Because I still feel like I want to go and find information and details of Bang Pla Mo Temple in order to publish it for everyone to see more. What are some interesting and impressive things?

Traveling to Wat Bang Pla Mo If coming from Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province Keep heading towards the line. Suphan Buri - Sena District 3263. Cross the Si Kuk Bridge a little and you will find the Chang Beer Factory on your left. Drive straight a little further and you will see the entrance to Wat Ban Daeng. Drive a little further and you will find the entrance to Bang Pla Mo Temple. It's on the right hand side.