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Majorette Porsche 934 Sky Blue

Majorette Porsche 934 Skyblue

The 2019 Blue Majorette Porsche 934 comes in the Vintage Series and Vintage Giftpack. Will it be the last model? I don't know.

Porsche 934 Vintage Red

รMajorette Diecast Porsche 934 Vintage Red

This red Porsche 934 car model is manufactured in 2019, which is different from the red Porsche 934 produced in 2017. If anyone doesn't notice and looks superficial then there won't be anything to see. That is different But it has small details Less makes a difference.

Majorette Porsche 934 White

Majorette Porsche 934 White

We continue to look at the Majorette Porsche 934 model car. During this period, I will add all colors in this model so I can close the Porsche 934 line for everyone to see at once. This one will be white. There are 6 types, 5 colors in this line. There are 2 types of red, white, yellow, blue and green. Then I will show you. Let's see the Porsche 943 white first.

Porsche 934 Yellow Vintage Series

Majorette diecast Porsche 934 Yellow rare item

Let's see another rare model of the beautiful Majorette car. This model is the Porsche 934 in vintage yellow, but it is organized in the Porsche Edition Giftpack series. It is in a big package with 5 Porsche cars and 1 in 5 of them has the yellow Porsche 934. Number 80, this car is also included.

Porsche 934 Vintage Red

Majorette Porsche 934 Red 

Come see the Majorette model car, which has a scale of 1/57, a bright red Porsche 934. Many people may already have possession, but it is! The red Porsche 934, like this one, is very different in the year 2019. Let's see what is different.

Citroen DS4 Neon Green

Majorette Citroen DS4 (Neon Cars)

The Majorette model car in the Limited Edition Series 2 Neon Cars concept has a total of 11 cars. Finding all 11 of them can be considered the pinnacle of Majorette's car collectors. Quite For this one is one of the 11 cars that must have Neon Cars!

Majorette Vintage Deluxe

The End ! Vintage Deluxe Majorette

For the Majorette model, this is the Series Vintage Deluxe, which has 6 cars in total. Each car I can say is very beautiful to collect. We come to see that there are different types of cars.