Camping watching the sunrise

25 December 2022

This time we will travel to set up a tourist tent in Ubon Ratchathani Province. The first destination we travel together at "Sam Phan Bok" and continue with a trip up to set up a tent at "Pha Chana Dai". This place is in Pha Taem National Park. Ubon Ratchathani Province Considered as a place to watch the sunrise It is one of the most beautiful places in Thailand.

ผาชะนะได กางเต็นท์

Driving to "Pha Chanadai" is not very difficult. Vehicles can come in all types. Because it is an asphalt ramp all the way to the camping ground ever.

The main obstacle of traveling to set up a tent at this place. It is probably a very long distance from the central region, causing a small number of tourists. This part is an advantage. Because it's not very busy in terms of making noise sharing a bathroom The bathroom here is very clean. I arrived at the Pha Chanadai checkpoint. Then pay the entrance fee to the park at the checkpoint first.

Park admission fee

40 baht per adult

20 baht per child

Car 30 baht

route from here There will be a time limit for going up and down. As the road is narrow with just one lane, driving in opposite directions will be very difficult. Because there is no place to escape

If there are many cars driving in opposite directions, it will be difficult to avoid each other. and may easily cause an accident.

Time to go sightseeing at Pha Chana Dai.

First round time 04.30-06.30 hrs.

Round 2 10.30-13.00

Round 3 16.00-18.00

When going down from Pha Chanadai

Time for first round 07.30-09.30

Round 2 2:00-3:00 p.m.

Round 3 7:00-7:30 p.m.

ผาชะนะได กางเต็นท์

When we arrived, we went in to pay another 30 baht per person for camping at the tourist service center building. And can bring the park's seal notebook to be stamped here We will get 2 stamps.

It is the seal of Pha Chanadai National Park. and the seal of Pha Taem National Park

ผาชะนะได กางเต็นท์

 After that we managed to find a place to set up a tent. I've looked into it. The tent camping area here is very large. The first courtyard is under the trees. that I chose to spread Because there are shade trees blocking the sun, it won't be hot.

The second courtyard is an open stone courtyard. At this point, I see that it is not suitable for placing anchors. because the floor is all stone and sleep seems to be uncomfortable because the floor is wavy and rough along the rocks

The 3rd courtyard is deep inside, toward the waterfall, with a bathroom. It is also a stone courtyard. surrounded by trees.

I choose the land Because it's more shady and easy to anchor the tent Near the toilets and the staff building.

ผาชะนะได กางเต็นท์

After setting up the tent, we had something to eat for dinner. My housekeeper also prepared grilled meat, jaew sauce, and sticky rice.

at the service center building there is a welfare shop But there are not many products such as instant noodles. and soft drinks There is hot water available in front as well.

ผาชะนะได กางเต็นท์

Grilled food can be made But don't make a bonfire on the ground. Because it will make the floor scratch? And a fire can occur if we do not extinguish the fire well enough.

We can use a small grill. With smokeless charcoal Can come to grill food In the courtyard, there is also a sink for washing utensils. But our garbage should be collected in bags to be taken down to the trash cans in the community.

Because the park will not have a waste disposal area. And the municipal vehicles didn't come to pick up garbage here too. should be taken away suitable outside the park.

ผาชะนะได กางเต็นท์

cool night But in the tent the three of us were very warm. Late at night there was the sound of dogs howling from time to time. It was the sound of a fox in the forest. Along with the sound of the cold wind blowing from time to time.

I woke up at 3:00 AM, went to the bathroom, and prepared to walk to see the sunrise. Because the walking distance to visit is about 800 meters, it's almost 1 kilometer.

about half past four I woke up everyone in the tent. To travel to watch the sunrise together.

ผาชะนะได กางเต็นท์

very dark path But it's good to walk. We walked and talked for a while and then we reached Pha Chana Dai. With the first light of the day as beautiful as rumored. The opposite bank, which is blocked by the Mekong River, is Laos.

ผาชะนะได กางเต็นท์

We sit and walk and take pictures together. along with the cold wind that blows all the time In this area, if we are lucky, we will be able to see the sea of mist in full. but today is windy Therefore, there is no sea of fog to see.

ผาชะนะได กางเต็นท์

Even though there is no sea of fog But the view in front of us was still beautiful. Beauty with a fresh and cool atmosphere If we didn't travel, there would be no way to experience this feeling.

ผาชะนะได กางเต็นท์

There are many tourists who do not set up tents here. But drove up early in the morning. and parked the car in the yard Everyone walked up to watch. I think it was quite a worthwhile experience.

ผาชะนะได กางเต็นท์

Sunrise light on the cliff, Northeastern region, beautiful like no other Chanadai Cliff is another beautiful sunrise that I have seen. After seeing the beauty of the sunset at Pha Lom Sak on Phu Kradueng.

ผาชะนะได กางเต็นท์

Apart from the beautiful light of the morning sun We also saw the Mekong River stretching as far as the eye could see. with the opposite side being Laos. with complicated mountains as far as the eye can see.

ผาชะนะได กางเต็นท์

The path goes up to the cliff. We must walk through the darkness. Let us observe the sign for tent camping site 2, Zone B, and walk to the right. like walking in the middle of the courtyard.

ผาชะนะได กางเต็นท์

From the picture, let us walk along the right hand side of the courtyard, which is the left side of the picture. This picture I took while walking back. Because when I went it was very dark.

ผาชะนะได กางเต็นท์

When we walked along the road to our right You will see a path with a sign pointing up to Pha Chana. From this sign about 700 meters.

If you have the opportunity to travel to Ubon Ratchathani province. And have enough time to travel. Pha Chanadai is another place that you should not miss to see the sunrise in the morning.