Die cast Cars

Majorette Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen Beetle (Zamak)

The most popular model car, it is inevitable that the Volkswagen Beetle is as cute as a turtle. So we named it the "Turtle Car". Regardless of the era, the Volkswagen Beetle Turtle makes people turn around whenever they are on the road. Of course, model metal collectors must have a Volkswagen turtle stored in their personal collection.

Majorette Toyota Hilux Vigo pickup truck, Portuguese police car

Majorette Toyota Hilux Vigo, Portuguese police car

If we will mention "Rare die cast cars" in the legend for a collector of die cast cars must have "Majorette Toyota Hilux Vigo Pickup" in the list of die cast car collectors for sure. It's a metal car that all die cast car collectors want to own, why?

Majorette Toyota Hilux Vigo Norway

Majorette Toyota Hilux Vigo Brannvesen

The car model that has been popular for a long time is legendary and is in great demand for collectors, the Toyota Hilux Vigo. All models of the Vigo car model are rare because Majorette has stopped producing this car model. Therefore, the Vigo car is in good condition. Is therefore a car that pickup truck collectors want.

Majorette Toyota Hilux Vigo France

Majorette Toyota Hilux Vigo Pickup

Throughout the years, I have never known before that the all-model Toyota HILUX VIGO pickup truck, all the colors of Majorette, will be very popular nowadays. In the past, I had a beautiful Toyota Hilux vigo car model, but it was used until it disappeared. Regretting it now

Majorette Toyota Hilux Vigo

Majorette Pickup Toyota Hilux Japan Police

Come see other Toyota Pickup models. Right now I only have 3 cars. Everything has gone. Now finding new ones is very rare.

Majorette Toyota Hilux Vigo Pickup Blue

Majorette Toyota Hilux Vigo Pickup Blue

Very hard to find! Majorette Toyota Hilux Vigo pickup truck, especially Vigo pickup truck That does not drill a roof with a sci-fi lamp like this, it is even more difficult to find. Let's try to see the beauty of a rare die cast car better.

Majorette Toyota Hilux Vigo metal car.

Majorette Toyota Hilux Vigo Fire Fighting Vehicle Belgium

The legendary rare Majorette, known by many collectors in the industry of collectors, is that "Toyota Hilux Vigo Pickup Truck" Why is "Vigo" a rare die cast car in the legend of collectors?