Majorette Porsche 934 Sky Blue

Majorette Porsche 934 Skyblue

The 2019 Blue Majorette Porsche 934 comes in the Vintage Series and Vintage Giftpack. Will it be the last model? I don't know.

Porsche 934 Vintage Red

Majorette Porsche 934 Red 

Come see the Majorette model car, which has a scale of 1/57, a bright red Porsche 934. Many people may already have possession, but it is! The red Porsche 934, like this one, is very different in the year 2019. Let's see what is different.

Majorette Porsche 934

Majorette Porsche 934 Complete Set!

Believe that collectors of all model cars are trying hard to find their favorite cars to keep in the personal collection of each model in each model, for some model cars It is difficult to find all of them. Especially the older model And new production methods have been continuously released. Although we have the money to buy, but some vehicles are almost impossible to find.