Die cast Cars

Majorette Citroen 2CV Red Black Engine

Die cast car Majorette Citroen 2CV Burgundy Red , black engine

Today! I would like to present another rare die cast car model in Thailand for everyone to watch. This is a Majorette die cast car from the French toy manufacturer. The car model that we are going to see today is the Citroen 2CV. It is a beautiful antique car model, worth collecting. Real cars That began production in 1919, so it was a beautiful classic car model Let's see the details of this car, why it is rare in Thailand?

Dodge SRT Demon Fire

Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

Today! I would like to introduce you to the Die-cast car model that Majorette, a manufacturer of model cars, toy cars from France. For this steel car launched in early 2020, this past. Creating an exciting trend for metal model collectors, no less. This car is the "Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Red Flames", a very elegant American car.

Ford Fiesta WRC 2019

Ford Fiesta WRC 2019 Red Bull

Let's get to know the Ford Fiesta WRC 2019 Red Bull model, a Word Rally Championship that collectors are interested in. And do not miss to have this car model in the collection Due to perfect beauty, especially the "Red Bull" logo, sponsor of the Ford Fiesta number 1 team.

Polo WRC Red Bull

Die Cast Cars Volkswagen Polo R Red Bull. 

Today I would like to introduce you to the racing model that the collector nicknamed "Bull". It is the Volkswagen Polo R Red Bull. This car model Majorette began production in 2016 when released in the market in the year. First regarded as "Bull", this car has created a trend in the metal car model market as well. Because the "Bull" Die Cast Cars, the older generation, has been classified as a rare die cast cars.

Citroen C3 WRC No.11

Die cast car Majorette Citroen C3 WRC No.11

Today I introduce you to another model of the Citroen C3 No.11 WRC of Majorette. This car model is the same as the Citroen C3 WRC No.10. It very same If placed together and looked superficial, there is almost no difference. We come to see the important details of this car as well. How is it different from Citroen C3 WRC number 10?

Top5 Majorette "WRC" 2018-19

Top 5 Majorette "WRC" 2018-2019

New collectors of new die cast cars happen every day. often questioning old page collectors "Which car model to keep?" Or "Which car model is rare and expensive? "Is that new collectors would like to collect rare cars, expensive, but not knowing that rare cars have money to buy But sometimes still can't find at all. This time I would like to introduce a collection of car models that should be kept very inexpensive, that is, these 5 WRC car models.