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Metal cars, models, Thai taxis that must be searched

For a steel car model Majorette brand from France. That has a long history with the production of model steel cars Currently, the major production bases are in Thailand. We then saw a beautiful model car. That exist in Thailand such as Thai taxis.

Majorette Taxi Thai Green Yellow

Majorette Thai Taxi Green Yellow

Majorette, a model car manufacturer, has produced a small 1/61 model taxi, which is only 3 inches in length. The taxi in this set is a Thai taxi with 11 cars, 11 color models for us to collect. Is a Toyota Corolla Altis. We come to see the inside details.

Majorette Taxi Thai Orange Yellow

Taxi Thai Orange & Yellow

Models cars from Majorette that are only 3 inches in size 1/61 in the form of Thai taxis, which are available in 11 styles for collectors to choose to collect. In this article, we will look at the details of the orange-yellow Thai taxi model that many of us are familiar with.

Majorette Taxi Thai White Pink

Thai taxi model car, white, pink

This model of the taxi is a two-color Thai taxi, which is white, pink. It is a model car that Majorette produced in the "Thai Taxi" series, consisting of 11 types of taxis, which are the models of the Toyota Corolla Altis in Thailand are often used to make a taxi.

Majorette Lamborghini Aventador

Majorette Lamborghini Aventador 

This Lamborghini model is produced in Majorette, the manufacturer of the model car. Children's play cars from France Which has production bases in Thailand Nowadays, these model steel cars are very popular with collectors. Due to the beauty and realistic details Let's see this Lamborghini Aventador.

Majorette Thai Taxi

A collection of 6 Thai taxis that are extremely spicy.

For model steel car collectors looking for and collecting Thai taxis, I can say that it is not that difficult for some people. But for some collectors it can be difficult Since some areas may not be available for sale And I can say that some vehicles are very rare.

Majorette Thai Taxi Yellow

Thai yellow taxi model

Thai taxi model There are 11 different types as the Toyota Altis car. Divided into 6 pure single colors and 5 types of two-tone colors. If any model car collectors Want to collect Thai taxis Have to follow to collect all 11 types ever We come to see the pure yellow taxi. This car is better.