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Majorette Thai Taxi Red

Majorette Red Thai taxi car diecast

While many people are enjoying collecting and searching for expensive rare car diecast, there are still groups that collect their favorite cars. And there are many people who like and collect cabs Especially the Toyota Altis taxi from Majorette.

Majorette Thai Taxi Red Blue

Thai Taxi Red Blue Car Diecast Majoretteน

When Majorette reduced the size of Thai taxis to just 3 inches, happiness and fun came to many. Metal model cars, taxis, I was able to compile a total of 11 cars, 11 types in one color shade. 6 shades and 5 two-tone colors. Let's see this red, blue tag first.

Majorette Thai Taxi Orange

Majorette Orange Thai Taxi Toyota Corolla Altis

This time, let's take a look at the model Taxi. This car is the legendary orange taxi that many people search for because it's not in a single package. Like other taxis But will be put in a package of 5 cars and 1 in 4 cars will have 1 orange taxi, therefore making it harder to buy than Majorette but still making fun by putting this orange Taxi in Easter Egg to surprise us.

Majorette Thai Taxi Pink

Pink color Thai taxi

Arrived at the pink taxi in Thailand in the group of model cars Majorette, Thai Taxi series. There are only 6 pure color cars. Before that, I wrote an article for orange taxis, blue taxis, red taxis, green taxis coming to this car. Is a pink taxi, let's see the details and photos.

Majorette Taxi Thai Green Yellow

Majorette Thai Taxi Green Yellow

Majorette, a model car manufacturer, has produced a small 1/61 model taxi, which is only 3 inches in length. The taxi in this set is a Thai taxi with 11 cars, 11 color models for us to collect. Is a Toyota Corolla Altis. We come to see the inside details.

Majorette Taxi Thai Orange Yellow

Taxi Thai Orange & Yellow

Models cars from Majorette that are only 3 inches in size 1/61 in the form of Thai taxis, which are available in 11 styles for collectors to choose to collect. In this article, we will look at the details of the orange-yellow Thai taxi model that many of us are familiar with.

Majorette Thai Taxi  Blue

Majorette Blue Thai taxi car diecast 

Toyota Altis car model can be considered a beautiful car model. For collectors, there are many types to collect, especially Majorette has produced in the form of Thai Taxi, which has 11 types, considered as a model car that can be easily collected to complete. When it was first released.