Majorette Thai Taxi Green

Majorette Thai Taxi, green Altis

Today we come to see the green taxi. Of Thailand.The company Majestic, a manufacturer of model cars from France. But has production bases in Thailand and sells die-cast model cars around the world.The Toyota Altis is another model that has been made into a 3 inch compact car model only.We come to see the various details better.

Majorette Thai Taxi Yellow

Thai yellow taxi model

Thai taxi model There are 11 different types as the Toyota Altis car. Divided into 6 pure single colors and 5 types of two-tone colors. If any model car collectors Want to collect Thai taxis Have to follow to collect all 11 types ever We come to see the pure yellow taxi. This car is better.

Majorette Taxi Thai White Pink

Thai taxi model car, white, pink

This model of the taxi is a two-color Thai taxi, which is white, pink. It is a model car that Majorette produced in the "Thai Taxi" series, consisting of 11 types of taxis, which are the models of the Toyota Corolla Altis in Thailand are often used to make a taxi.