Die cast Cars

Majorette Citroen C4 WRC RedBull

Die-Cast Car Majorette Citroen C4 WRC RedBull

Let's get to know some of Majorette's rare and expensive die-cast cars. I will present this time. It is the first WRC (World Rally Championship) car produced by Majorette, "Citroen C4 WRC Redbull". This time, I will show 2 cars. I guarantee that it must be a beautiful car, rare.

Majorette Citroen C4 WRC Red Bull

Die cast car Majorette Citroen C4 WRC Red Bull No.7

Today I would like to introduce you to Majorette, the Citroen C4 WRC Red Bull model. Rare and expensive! As for the price, I would like to not allow you to mention how much it is currently trading. It is a matter of the market mechanism, that is, there are few, rare, and many people want it, the price is expensive!

Childhood toy cars

Childhood toy cars.

I believe that many people, when they were young, must have a small toy car for sure. Some people might just be plastic toys. For some people, metal toys may be more expensive. These toy car models are all a joy and a dream for children. These small car models can be friends with all children. All over the world.

Majorette Dubai Ambulance

5 Cars Majorette Dubai Ambulance

Diecast Cars Majorette Dubai Ambulance Super Cars Series. Is a toy car sold in Thailand in February 2020.There are 5 designs for sale in one package. And can be purchased at a convenience store for 159 baht per car.

Majorette Renault Master Dubai Ambulance

Majorette Dubai Ambulance Renault Master.

Diecast model car, small toy car Offered today is a car in the Dubai Ambulance set. In this set there will be a total of 5 cars available for purchase at convenience stores. Since February 2020 in Thailand, let's see the details of this Renault Master Dubai Ambulance Super Cars.

Majorette Dodge First Responder

Majorette Dodge Hellcat first responder.

Small model car Or toy cars for children This is a car that began to market in Thailand in February 2020. It is a car in the Dubai Ambulance Super Cars series or a supercar ambulance in Dubai. Let's take a look at this Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat.