Majorette Ford Fiesta WIX

Majorette Ford Fiesta WIX Rare! (Front Mirror Marked.)

Beautiful car diecast that are rare that many have been searching for over the years. Still can't find a Majorette Ford Fiesta WRC with a WIX on the side like this Which this car is an old model that has been discontinued But it still has some stockpile of about a thousand cars Which has come out as a surprise egg For many people to find each other for over a year now Expect that it will definitely disappear from the market.

Majorette Ford Mustang

Majorette Ford Mustang Vintage

Let's take a look at some vintage "vintage" model cars. For this one is the Ford Mustang, the "Tamil Mustang". With the shape, as you can see, how great it is classic Suitable for collectors who like vintage events. And this classic.

Majorette Ford Mustang Boss 302

Majorette Ford Mustang Boss 302

We come to see some models of police cars. This car is classified as an international police car. Not a Thai police car Which the Majorette Thai police car will be made to collect as well But let's take a look at the international police cars first. The Ford Mustang Boss 302 is definitely an American police car.

Majorette Ford Mustang

Majorette Ford Mustang Fastback 1967 

This model car, I can say that it is very beautiful. It's not like a toy for children To play immediately It is more like a work of art than the gorgeous Ford Mustang Vintage Deluxe Fire Red. Let's see the beautiful details of this car.

 Majorette Ford Focus

Majorette Ford Focus WRC

We come to see the old cast iron models. Rare For this car. This is the Ford Focus WRC is in the Major 200 Series Racing Collection by reducing the size of the Ford Focus car to just 3 inches by 1/57 scale.

Majorette Ford Mustang Boss 302

Majorette Ford Mustang Boss 302 Limited Edition-1

Today I would like to introduce the Majorette car model in the Limited Edition Series1 in the series Matt Cars. There are 9 types of cars in this series: "Majorette Ford Mustang Boss 302 Matt Dark Green". Let's see the details of this car.

Majorette Ford Fiesta WRC

Majorette Ford Fiesta WRC-Racing Car

so beautiful! Ford Fiesta WRC Dust-proof Metal Cars If anyone is already collecting Majorette car models, then You shouldn't miss having a white and black one for your racing team.